Thursday, December 1, 2011

Paris Theme

The store is constantly changing and will keep you coming back! Come check out this Paris themed section!

This beautiful decorative jewelry hanger is made of a branch from a special tree selected specifically for it's miniature tree like look, many branches, and strength to hold up a significant amount of weight even on the thinnest parts, the beautiful color doesn't dry or fade and can be painted, bedazzled, and decorated in many ways like gluing on cherry blossom flowers! The branches are sold at Lucy's ranging in price by size ($5-$13) come make your own!

Featured Item

This lovely vintage dress will grab anybody's attention!

Lucy's is decorated and stocked for Christmas !

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Something to love

At Vintage Flair, you can find an abundance of things to love.

Interested in costume jewelry? What about one of a kind pieces crafted by local artists? Or authentic vintage items? Check out some of this week's highlights from Vintage Flair's jewelry selection.
Photo#1: This ring, fashioned from an antique-looking Romanesque coin, would look priceless on any hand.
Photo#2: And this ring, with its tiny mosaic bouquet and bright gold frame, is sure to have people asking, "Wherever did you get that?"
Photo#3: Mother Mary may look demure in this gorgeous handmade bracelet, but add this to your favorite outfit and you'll stand out in a crowd.
Photo#4: You'll be hard-pressed to find another necklace like this. A vintage key, preserved on a bed of old cotton linen and kept on a beautiful vintage chain, makes an absolutely must-have accessory.
Photo#5: Here's a double-sided pendant necklace, showing a line drawing of a cello on one side and a cutting from an old dictionary definition on the other. How cute is this?  I want to wear it with a whole collection of double-sided dictionary pendants. 

Looking for something else? There's a wide variety: we've got everything from pendants to pearls, cuff links to hat pins, from earrings and bracelets, to necklaces and rings of incredible style.

So much to choose from!! Stop by today!

Ooh la la!

This mannequin, with its finely detailed, hand-painted touches (those eyelashes, those delicate curls!), would make a marvelous addition to any boudoir, sitting room, or foyer. And how divine is that stacked pearl necklace? Pair it with a beautiful 1950s inspired dress and slingback heels for a glamorous night on the town. Find items like these at Vintage Flair. Come visit us today!